Eat Work Repeat — > Eat Work Chill Repeat

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Hi everyone!

Hope you all are doing good.

Just wanted to share my experience of working from home so far.

Work from home has its pros and cons. Many are handling it pretty well and many are not.

We cannot weigh the pros on the same balance.

On one hand, we have the freedom to work while being comfortable in our homes, while on the other, we are being burdened with so many meetings per day and no one to really talk to on a coffee/tea break.

Mental health

I was handling it pretty well for a long time. It seemed relaxing but at what cost. The number of meetings per day and the workload kept growing — gradually. I didn’t even realize that I started having sleepless nights.
It was yesterday when my brain gave up said — “Not anymore”. I consulted a doctor and was prescribed the anti-depressants and panic cure medicines. Those medicines make you feel sleepy all day long!

I won’t continue with the medication most likely. I would want to have a healthy lifestyle. Something that only I can change. I should learn to say no to the work that’s overburdening me. I need to have the same understanding for my colleagues as well. Mental Health is of the utmost priority and should respect it.

Social Distancing or Family Distancing?

Another issue that I think most of us are facing is the cut off from the family even though technically we are in close proximity with them. We are not giving enough time to our family members. But this can be sorted out easily. Trust me! A few little things that can alleviate this issue — We can set strict times for our breakfast, lunch, and dinner so that we can have them with the family. We can make time to talk to them and listen to their problems as well. After all, our families are also suffering from this social distancing.

Physical health

Most of us are facing problems with physical health with minimal physical activities. Many have started doing yoga and other exercises at home only and that’s very brilliant. Taking a walk or just doing some squats and planks at home can be very helpful. There are plenty of online video tutorials that you can follow to learn the right method and posture.

I wanted to address these issues as maybe it’s not just me. Although these are not all. There are many other issues as well. Share your experiences in the comment section.

Don’t forget to take care of your health (Physical and Mental)

Live. Love. Laugh.




Tech Enthusiast and Humanity Lover

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Kanika Verma

Kanika Verma

Tech Enthusiast and Humanity Lover

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